MMC also offers an assortment of additional gauging and sampling accessories such as pressure gauges for inert gas measurement, custom-made sounding bobs and rods, gas sampling hoses, gas sampling heads, tank bottom and zone samplers.

Custom-made sample bottle attachments are available for use with MMC’s unique “gas-tight” product sampling system. Users seeking to meet the sensitive requirements of “Reid Vapor Pressure” measurements can replace MMC’s standard 1-liter sampling bottle with a more appropriate container of their choice, or use a custom-made sample bottle and adaptor.

In addition, special adaptor barrels are available to convert other makers’ vapor-control valves in a manner that allows those valves to be used with MMC closed or restricted tank gauging and sounding equipment. All adaptor barrels are constructed and factory tested to insure that no change to an existing ZERO ULLAGE REFERENCE will occur when reading cargo level with the supplied adaptor.

Vapor Control Valves With Metric Flange Mountings and Other MMC Group Products

  • GVP Inert-Gas Pressure Meter
    Manufactured in Japan by MMC (Asia)
  • GVP-75
  • GVP-75A
  • GVP-75ANK

GVP Inert-Gas Pressure Meter

Inert gas pressure in a tank can easily be measured by fitting the appropriate model GVP portable pressure meter on an MMC vapor control valve/tank gauging station installed on the top of the tank. The GVP-75 series pressure meters feature a gas seal mechanism to prevent gas leakage from the tank. The meter’s screw-type orifice makes it secure from sudden pressure changes and a mesh filter at the inlet prevents the intake of dust.

Range: +2500 to -1000mm (water)
Accuracy: + or – 1.5% FS


For use with vapor control valve/tank gauging station models “B,” “MB,” “MBS,” “C” (series), “D-25,” “F-50” (series), and “S” (series).

For use with vapor control valve/tank gauging station (self-closing valve) models “G65K80” and “A.”

For use with vapor control valve/tank gauging station (self-closing valve) model “ANK-52.”