UTI Oil-Water Interface Gauging Tapes For Tankers

Standard Applications:

  • Restricted (“R” type) & Closed Closed (“C” type)
  • (Marine Tankers via MMC vapor control valves).
  • Restricted & Closed via our storage tank tank-top gauging stations.
  •  Other Applications:
  • Open gauging (“O” type) (Non-Toxic product vapors only).
  • Environmental gauging (“E” type) ( Typical well monitoring vapors only). Low cost polyethlyene coated tape available, all other tapes are Tefzel®, (Dupont Corp.), coated and anti-static treated by MMC.

These portable FLEXI-DIP® “UI” gauging tapes provide a convenient and accurate means for measuring ullage and a lower oil-water interface. They are suitable for marine and land-based tank facilities and also for environmental monitoring well applications.

MMC’s UI gauging tapes are capable of detecting all floating and non-conductive hydrocarbons. Each instrument is designed for ease of use. Gauging for liquid or Interface level is accomplished simply and quickly. When the electronic probe is lowered and senses a hydrocarbon, a steady horn tone is sounded and a yellow LED illuminates. When sensing an Oil-water interface, or a heavier than water non-conductive liquid, an intermittent horn tone sounds and a red LED begins flashing. This gauging system is certified as “Intrinsically Safe” for use in all class IIC hazardous atmospheres.