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Product specifications below

Flexi-Dip RESTRICTED Sampling Tape Systems (Minimal Gas Leakage)

  • Flexi-Dip Restricted Sampling Tape
  • Snap hook, 1/2 liter sampler
  • Standard. API brass bob
  • Typical Weights: 14 lbs. (6.4 KG)
  • Accuracy of Tape Reading:+/- 1/8 inch (3mm), +/- 0.01% of F.S. tape LGT (F.S. = Full Scale)
  • Application: R-Restricted sampling (1, 1/2- and 1/3-liter) through MMC vapor control-valve
  • Tape Lengths: Standard 40m, 100 ft. (30m)

Flexi-Dip Restricted Sampling Tape systems are available for use with MMC’s various vapor-control valves. Each Flexi-Dip Sampling Tape comes complete with tape with snap hook, 1/2 liter sampler and standard. API brass bob. Restricted tapes are designed for manual sample collection, sounding and tank bottom dryness checking. Restricted sampling unit is attached to any existing MMC vapor-control valve, it can extract a sample in place but then requires valve closure, removal from the valve and manual dumping of the collected product. Standard sounding and tank bottom dryness checks can also be performed.



All stainless steel construction (all brass also available).

  • 1-liter – 3.5″ O.D. X 10″ lg
  • 1-liter – 2.5″ O.D. X 16″ lg
  • 1/2-liter -1.625″ O.D. X 18″ lg
  • 1/3-liter -1.375″ O.D. X 28″ lg
    See sampler variations


Sounding Bobs


Standard supply, American 6″ brass type; special order stainless steel bobs are quoted upon request.
Brass sounding bobs can be supplied with either imperial or metric markings, Stainless steel bobs are dual marked. For tank dryness checking via. 1″ bore valves, 24.5mm brass bobs can be ordered as an added optional accessory.

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