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Quick-Opening Cam-Locking Closures
for the Power Generation Industry

C-L Quick-Opening Closures provide a fast, convenient method for accessing low-pressure heat exchangers and suction strainer baskets in a manner that avoids the traditional costly downtime associated with such tasks.

MMC's C-L Closures open and close quickly at the same time they provide a secure O-ring seal when their cam fasteners are rotated and locked in place. Designed to be as safe as they are dependable, the closures are also very easy to open--using a simple spanner tool, one man can open any size C-L Closure in a matter of minutes.

Once installed, these quick opening covers make maintenance scheduling a routine matter rather than a dreaded necessity.

The stock item consists of a cover and studded adaptor flange ring custom made to fit and replace an existing channel head flange cover. Stainless steel lined cover heads are standard with a choice of epoxy-coated steel or stainless steel adaptor flange rings.

The units feature MMC's patented cam locks and are also available with a ratchet-lock option. Self-contained, each closure is custom built to suit specific requirements. Where pratical, MMC can provide on-site measurement services.

A typical four-cam, 20-inch installation is shown at the right, above. Closures can be fabricated in either horizontal swing or vertical lift versions. Larger sizes up to 60-inchs can be manufactured for specific applications.

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