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Vapor Control Check Valves
for Standard and Ullage Mounts

Model A Check Valve vapor-control valves can be supplied with either a spring-actuated or a naturally counter-weighted closing mechanism (counter-weighted type shown above). The housing is available in bronze or 316 stainless steel. Model A can be used for all three (UTI) gauging functions and sample collection with extended tube sampler tapes. The 4" flange is rated at 150 lb psi.

Model U Check Valves are similar to Model A units but are only available with a spring-actuated check valve for tank sealing. What makes Model U units different is that they fit directly onto existing ullage pipes. The U valve assembly is used instead of the existing ullage hatch. There are no installation costs; no hot work; no staging; no gas freeing of the tanks. U valves are suitable for all three (UTI) gauging functions, including sampling (1/2 liter) with extended tube sampling tape. They also support oxygen sensing functions. All ullage readings require an 8" correction to zero.

For ball valve type U valves, see the U/B Vapor Control Valves section.

All valves are custom made to fit existing ullage pipe hinges. See the Required Dimensions Chart section for a dimensional diagram and chart that will allow you to fill in and fax the details of your tanks existing Ullage hatchcover mounting dimensions to MMC for a quotation.

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